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Revenge in the Bible
In Relation to September 11th

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We chose to present the topic of revenge days after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Our goal was the research the Bible in search of a definition of "infinite justice".

The Old Testement speaks of the concept of "an eye for an eye". Many American's still believe in this today, especially those who support wars, terrorism, the death penalty. In opposition, the New Testement delivers a message of love and tells us that the way to salvation is kindness and tolerance. Those who support bombing Afghanistan are most like the people of the Old Testement out for revenge. Many people were so angered by the terrorist actions that they took immediate action,persecuting Muslims here on our home soil and urging the President to take action. It is clear in the passage of Luke that Jesus rebukes the disciples for suggesting revenge saying "The Son of Man has not come to destroy the lives of human beings but to save them." Pacifists, those who believe that if we ignore the Taliban, they will go away, are true followers of Jesus.

Through this project, we have come to realize that neither side can jusly use the Bible to verify their claims, for the Bible supports both views. The Bible does not offer a solution in this case, but rather two alternatives to approaching the problem. The fact that the bible has many different approaches to revenge can explain why many people today have different approaches to revenge on the September 11th attack.

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